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Quick View VELCRO Brand Plant Ties

VELCRO Brand Plant Ties

The quick and easy way to support vegetable a...

Rs. 1,499
Quick View Handy Seed Sower

Handy Seed Sower

Sows seeds evenly and quickly

Rs. 1,499
Quick View Garden Staples

Garden Staples

Short Description Secure landscape fabrics, plastic, tarps, ne...

Rs. 1,499
Quick View Seedling Misters

Seedling Misters

Provide healthy moisture levels for seedlings and houseplants.

Rs. 1,899
Quick View Plant Markers 25/Pack

Plant Markers 25/Pack

Keep track of what you plant and where.

Rs. 2,999
Quick View WeedGuard Plus Fertilized Mulch

WeedGuard Plus Fertilized Mulch

Controls weeds and also provides fertilizer.

Rs. 3,999
Quick View Silver Mulch

Silver Mulch

Bountiful disease-free harvest.

Rs. 4,999
Quick View Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

Solitary Pollen Bee Nest

A safe home for gentle pollinators.

Rs. 5,999
Quick View Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

Precise temperature control for seedling heat...

Rs. 7,999
Quick View Galcon 9001D Hose End LCD Timer

Galcon 9001D Hose End LCD Timer

Control your irrigation on your schedule

Rs. 8,999
Quick View Garden Tool Set

Garden Tool Set

The ultimate home garden hand tool set.

Rs. 8,999
Quick View Irri-Gator


Irrigate your garden like the Pros.

Rs. 9,999
Quick View Work Bench

Work Bench

Professional work station for your plants and planting.

Rs. 19,999
Quick View Plant Pyramid Raised Planters

Plant Pyramid Raised Planters

Unique tiered garden system.

Rs. 24,999
Quick View Solar Mulch

Solar Mulch

Superior Soil Warming Mulch with Weed Suppression.

Rs. 24,999
Quick View Ultimate Gardener Cart

Ultimate Gardener Cart

Better than a wheelbarrow and easier to use.

Rs. 44,999